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From: A.K.
Subject: "A Fairy Tale?" 11/14 (College)----------------------------A FAIRY TALE?
by Andrej Koymasky (C) 2006
written the 7th of March, 1993
translated by the author
English text kindly revised
by Vicent-----------------------------USUAL DISCLAIMER"A FAIRY TALE?" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic
scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family,
opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will young lolita russan preteens be better not to
read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, or
because you think you really want to read it, please be my welcomed
guest.-----------------------------CHAPTER 11 - The warm rite of loveSitting on the spread-out sleeping bag, Martino was watching David. When
his friend turned towards him, he offered his hand in a silent
invitation to sit near him. Their fingers intertwined and he gently
pulled David down to him. They embraced, and their bodies moved, leaned
together and gently intertwined. Their thirsty mouths dropped down
between each other's legs, to the glorious members that were again erect
and shining under the sun, and they united in lolita nude free pics
a wonderful sixty-nine.
Each was greedy for the other, each ready to lead the other to the
highest plane of pleasure. Their hands searched each other, then tightly
intertwined once more. Their hot members, firm as rock, hard, strong,
large, experienced the delight of an eager and welcoming mouth, almost
as if it was their first time.They lay on their sides, each with one leg stretched out on the soft
carpet and the other flexed with the foot behind the knee of the other
leg, the knee raised to better offer to the friend his own member. They
were firmly united now, each inside the other, their hips waving in soft
back 15 yr lolita clips and forth motion, together creating a unique single plastic being
of wonderful harmony.Past the impetus of their first longed-for intimacy, of their first
fusion, their bodies turned again, now parallel. Their mouths united in
a deep kiss. Their chests and bellies pressed lolita nude free pics against each other, their
erections searching, brushing in a sweet, amiable duel, their hands
passing again and again over their wide, smooth backs, their strong
limbs, their firm butts, rummaging between their sinewy thighs and tense
buttocks, until they found the other's most tender, warm and yielding
spot. Their holes were beckoning - come, I want you! And their fingers
answered - be ready, the one you desire is coming.Each of the two young men competed to offer himself to the other."Take me..." David whispered."You first..." Martino murmured."Make me yours!" Martin insisted."Take me..." David repeated.Waiting for each other, they calmed down a little. They looked in each
other's eyes, and found eyes full of happiness. Now sitting one in front
of the other, they were brushing their chests, sides, bellies, were
caressing their strong, hard and protruding members, with infinite
desire."It's a pity we can't take each other at the same time", David
whispered, admiring hit companion's shapely form."A real shame", echoed Martino. If it were possible they were feeling
more and more attracted to the other."One of us has to be first, but which one?" David softly asked."You. You are fifteen young preteen lolita galleries days older. And you noticed lollies and lollies cp
me ten days earlier,
so your desire has been burning for a longer time", Martino said,
tenderly smiling at him. Without giving his friend the time to reply, he
lay down on his back and flexed his legs against his chest, completely
offering himself to David. His friend caressed the small, firm,
stretched buttocks, then slid along the carpet, drawing closer to the
proffered pelvis, to his friend's sweet ass. His perfect member brushed
against the palpitating hole and pressed against it, like a vibrating
hummingbird, like a bee wanting to suckle the nectar of the sweetest
flower. Martino shuddered in an anticipatory pleasure, and his castle
gates waited to be battered apart by the longed-for invasion. At last
the powerful ram swung forward and the gates yielded.As David moved his pelvis forward and pushed, he felt himself sweetly
sliding into the hot embrace of the palpitating, shuddering hole. He
pushed, pushed again, and penetrated more and more deeply inside, and
Martino was welcoming it with shivers of joy. He could feel his cock
entering, majestic and proud, like a sovereign taking possession of his
lands.Once he was completely inside, David changed preteen lolita fuck sites his position. He raised
Martino's hips and pulled himself to a keeling position so he could give
more energy and precision to his strokes. They smiled at each other with
loving joy as David started to slowly but steadily move back and forth
inside his companion, methodically, without haste, to prolong their
intense pleasure. He could see that Martino was enjoying it too. From
time to time they kissed, caressed, while David untiringly continued his
firm back and forth motion. Gradually David's movements became more
determined, more resolute, more energetic, and yet they were more and
more filled with virile tenderness. Martino felt in a rush of joy that
his friend was not just taking him, he was giving himself to him.At length David, his voice broken with emotion, murmured, "Here I am,
Martino... here I am, oh... oh, love... I'm... cumming..." and he pushed
himself deeper, emptying himself inside his boy with long, strong
contractions, holding him tight against himself with vigor, until the
flood wave passed over.Relaxing little by little, David looked into Martino's eyes, and lost
himself in them. "Love", he whispered, "Oh my love... Love..."Martino enjoyed these words as much as the embrace of little earlier. He
waited for David to totally relax, caressing him in happiness.When David had gently withdrawn from him, he lay back and in his turn
offered himself to Martino. "Now you take me, please", he said.Martino prepared to satisfy his friend. Moving his body between David's
legs, he caressed them as he brought them up against his own chest, then
lifted David's lower legs up over his shoulders. David seized his member
and guided it to his hole. Martino lightly leaned against it, and could
feel it twitching against the tip of his cock. "You called me love,
earlier, when you were inside me", he whispered to his friend as he
began to sink inside him."Yes", David answered, "because I feel I'm loving you as I could never
love anyone else in the world", and he gratefully welcomed him inside
himself."I love you too, David!" Martino joyfully said, inserting himself more
deeply."Yes, I know... I can feel it", David answered, happily pulling his
friend towards him so he would penetrate even deeper."And I want to tell you that with my whole body, as long as we live",
Martino whispered, starting to shift his pelvis back and forth,
instinctively rocking his hips to give his friend greater pleasure."Yes... tell me... tell me this way...""Yes, I love you. I am all yours, do you feel it?""Yes, and it's wonderful. I'm yours, too.""My David!"His friend was now enjoying all of him inside himself. He loved the way
his hands could feel the muscles in Martino's loins tensing for each
thrust. He loved feeling that vigorous rod massaging his insides with
strokes that were both strong and gentle at the same time. The sun gave
a golden glow to Martino's skin and made his body shine at each thrust.They continued to make love in an enchanted silence, totally engrossed,
caressing each other with loving eyes and real junior models lolitas hands, in a crescendo of
emotion. Finally Martino also poured out his tribute to his friend in a
dance of blazing jets. He unloaded inside David with a strong and long
orgasm. At last they lay together, their chests heaving, their limbs
intertwined, kissed by the declining sun, caressed by a light, perfumed
breeze. They happily relaxed, still intimately united."I love you..." Martino whispered."I love you..." David echoed.They parted. Their members, softly abandoned, now languidly rested
between their strong thighs, adding beauty to their bodies. Yet the two
were still tied together. A silent faraway jet, high in the sky, traced
a long, thin white line that opened into soft, faint, straight cloud. In
it the two youths read their names united."Do you know how happy I am?" Martino said.In answer, David lightly squeezed the hand that was still intertwined
with his own. Long, sweet moments elapsed. Then David stood up
stretched, sinuously and sensually. "Come here, Martino", he said. "I
want to show you something."As his friend drew near him, David was mounting the telescope. Then he
noticed David checking his watch."What's up?""It's 3:28 pm... Wait..."The telescope was at an angle of about 30 degrees towards the ground,
aimed at the river, towards a clutch of houses."What do you want to show me?"David adjusted the telescope, looked again at his watch, "It's 3:30 now.
Look. That's the village sports field. Every Sunday afternoon at 3:30
the custodian opens the locker rooms and the athletes go in to get ready
for the soccer match. Local teams, amateurs...""I was never much interested in soccer", Martino protested.David continued as if he didn't hear the objection. "The telescope is
focused on the shower room windows. They're high windows, so you can't
look inside from the ground, but from up here - when the weather is good
and the windows are open, like today - well, see for yourself."Martino closed his left eye and moved his right to the eyepiece. In the
circle of vision were the large windows through which the interior was
visible. A wall perpendicular to their viewing point divided the shower
room into two parts, and on both sides the players of the two teams 15 yr lolita clips
getting naked into the showers. They all were boys about their age with
athlete's bodies, a most agreeable sight, a festival preteen lolita fuck sites of nudity.David whispered at his ear, "See? I have my own special sight...""But I've sworn off being a Peeping Tom!" Martino protested, but he
continued watching."Not me", David answered. "I think nudity is beautify. Everybody should
live naked, as long as the climate allows it. Clothing should only be
worn to protect us from cold weather, not from the sight of others. No
one should be ashamed of their own bodies.""Well, old people should, and ugly ones.""No, age has its kind of beauty", his friend replied. "And the one you
think is ugly could be handsome in someone else's eyes. No, it would be
great if we could live naked, like some tribes in Africa or the Amazon
before white men arrived and taught them to be ashamed of nature. They
didn't have the problem of the ugly or the old, did they? That's a false
problem, and I think we white men created it. Look at those boys. Aren't
they all handsome, even the ugly ones?""But they are all athletes, their bodies are all in good shape.""That's true, so we enjoy looking at them. But if we were used to being
naked, I think we could just say, I like this one, I don't like that
one, rather than, this one is beautiful, that one is ugly. Do you see
what I mean?""I think so", Martino said, leaving the telescope and looking at his
friend. "But I'd rather look at you", and he smiled his sweet and
cunning smile."Same here, lover. But seeing other naked bodies makes me realize that
your beauty goes even further.""Further?""Sure. You are beautiful in the nude, that's an aesthetic fact. But
beyond that, your nudity is mine, it's for me. I know it not only with
my eyes, but with my whole body. It's like when you look at magazines
with pictures of naked men. Lots of them are beautiful, maybe even more
so than your lover, but your beloved one has a different beauty because
it involves you totally. I would love you even if you were less
beautiful than the others, because for me you would still be the most
beautiful. Real beauty isn't so much a question girlz loli nude picture of the right
measurements and the right curves at the right spots. Real beauty comes
from the heart, and from the eyes of people that love each other. It is
a spiritual fact."Martino nodded thoughtfully but objected, "Still, the first thing you
see in a man, the first thing that attracts you, is his physical beauty.
You saw me naked and felt attracted to me.""If I had seen a picture of you I would have thought, ^�How beautiful he
is!' But I wouldn't have felt any desire to get to know you. What
attracted me was a combination of ingredients. The physical aspect was
just one of many factors. The way you moved, the way you dried yourself,
your lively eyes, the curve of your lips, all those things about you. On
top of that there was your voice, your glances, your silences. Besides,
you didn't see me naked before you started to feel attracted to me.""You were beautiful, anyway.""You say that I have this incredible resemblance to home lolitas welcoms you David's statue. Did
you fall in love with the statue?""Of course not. The statue is beautiful, I mean it represents a
beautiful man, but it isn't a real person.""Exactly. You fell in love with me, with the way I said you ^�ciao!',
with the way I looked at you. My good looks might have attracted your
attention, but that could have happened because of the sound of my
voice, or the light you saw in my eyes, or the contour of my lips, or
the swelling beneath my fly, a hand perhaps, an intelligent thought, a
gentle gesture. Anyway, none of those alone would be enough for you to
fall in love, would they?""No, I suppose not. You have everything you mentioned, and more. Yes, I
think you're right. Even the people I think are ugly are loved by
someone, someone who can see in them things I was unable to see. Maybe
seeing millions of naked bodies would help us to put the importance of
physical beauty into perspective.""Exactly.""Besides that, it's great to be naked this way, near the one you love,
out in nature.""Yes.""So when you came here alone, did you always stay stark naked?""Always, at least when the weather allowed it.""But what if somebody came?""That would be their problem, not mine. If looking at me annoyed him, he
could just leave. If not, he could just continue looking at me.""Wouldn't you feel ashamed being looked at by a stranger?""Why? I feel ashamed only if I do something wrong. I'm not hurting
anyone just being naked."They sat side by side, their bodies lightly touching, enjoying that
special intimacy that is born between two bodies that united in the warm
rite of love. They talked about many things, and scarcely noticed the
passing of time.-----------------------------CONTINUES IN CHAPTER 12-----------------------------In my home page I've put some more of my stories. If someone wants to
read them, the URL ishttp://andrejkoymasky.comIf you want to send me feed-back (really appreciated, be it positive or
negative), please e-mail

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